In Which Your Host Finally Loses It and Goes All Conspiracy Nut

So let me get this straight.

• An American soldier, by all accounts, goes AWOL and is captured by the enemy.

• After being held captive for five years, the American President negotiates the soldier’s release by freeing five top Taliban commanders from Gitmo.


• The American President, the Commander-in-Chief of our armed forces, has put all serving Americans in greater danger, by making them targets for kidnap-and-extortion schemes — all for the sake of one who went AWOL.

• The icing on top of this crapcake is that the soldier’s father seems to be some kind of anti-American loon.

I’m hoping I have wrong every point but the second one — and even that one is unwise at best. But perhaps Professor Ditherton Wiggleroom was able to secure a deal with the freed Taliban captains not to kill any more Americans until after the election.

Would that really be any crazier than anything else we saw this weekend?



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