Required Reading

Ron Fournier made today’s cut once again with his look at the “intellectual dishonesty” of the President:

It’s my belief that Obama has overstated his obstacles to success on taxes, immigration, climate change, and other issues. The candidate of unbridled optimism in 2008 is now cynical, bowed, and nearly beaten—a leader whose excuse for failure amounts to, I can’t lead because Republicans won’t let me. By the way, that is not a conservative talking point; it’s rooted in dozens of conversations I’ve had in the past 17 months with Democrats. [Emphasis in original]


It’s a good piece, and you really should read the whole thing. But it does beg the question, Ron, what took you so long?

In 2008 Senator Obama promised his mere nomination would slow the rise the oceans, heal the sick, and provide jobs to the jobless. His voice sounded mighty nice when he said those things, but he didn’t believe a word of it because it’s simply impossible for any of those things to be caused by the nomination of a presidential candidate. Obama has always been a deeply cynical politician, willing to engage the uninformed with the crudest rhetoric — delivered without a “negro dialect” while wearing “perfectly creased” pants.

Don’t listen to the voice. Don’t look at the nice suit. Instead, just read the words. They were always there, for anyone willing to understand them.


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