Skyrockets in Flight

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Think electricity is expensive now? Wait until the EPA is done virtually eliminating America’s most abundant and cheap energy resource:

In comments to the EPA that were due on Friday, the American Coal Council said the new standards would essentially take coal off the market as a power source for new plants.

“Implementation of the rule will reduce American energy diversity and security, stop the development of cleaner coal technologies, and increase the risk of higher electricity prices to consumers and businesses,” the group said.

Separately, the Chamber of Commerce said the rules would have an effect well beyond the coal industry by leading to job losses in the broader economy.

“EPA should recognize that, beginning with this rulemaking, its greenhouse gas regulatory agenda will reverberate throughout the economy,” the Chamber wrote to EPA.

Making the necessities more expensive is just one way for the rich to protect themselves from competition from the lower classes.

I know you’ve seen that video countless times, but watch it once more this morning — and take note about how cavalier Professor Ditherton Wiggleroom is about his plan to make you poorer.