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Certainly the Game Is Rigged

It's been nearly five years -- before the first anniversary of the Wiggleroom Administration -- since I wrote that Washington was run by one party, the Insider Party:

Outside the Beltway, there really are two parties: Democrat and Republican. Inside the Beltway, there is but one party: The Insider Party. The right wing of the IP is made up of a few Republicans, the center consists of the bulk of Ds and Rs, and the far left wing features the current leadership and the Mainstream Media. As a whole, the Insider Party sits well to the left of the rest of the nation.

The Insider Party, by and large, puts Washington's welfare well ahead of the country's, but that doesn't mean it's at all exclusive. After all, joining the Insider Party is simple: Get elected to a public office serving in D.C., or have good looks and a journalism degree from Columbia.

Under Professor Wiggleroom's tenure, the Insider Party has been co-opted by Wall Street, or perhaps vice-versa. What I do know for sure is, the guys who control the finance have gotten horizontal and superimposed with the guys who write the laws the rest of us must follow -- and the offspring is tyranny.

Or as Thomas Lifson put it this morning, "Welcome to the oligarchy, suckers."