Cue the World's Tiniest Violin

Al Hunt, either on or off his meds, complains that the President just can’t get out the good news on the economy and ♡bamaCare!!!:

On the economy, which is likely to be the determining issue in the congressional contests, the White House and Democrats are winning on the parts or pieces — a minimum wage increase, pay equity for women, more generous overtime regulations — and losing the fight for the larger picture of people’s lives and futures.

The White House says the president has repeatedly evoked the good news. The problem, aides contend, has been breaking through with a clear message. One time he did so was when he pushed health-care reform on “Between Two Ferns,” the webcast hosted by the comedian Zach Galifianakis, which had two and a half times more viewers than the network nightly news.

Although Obama’s personal story is one of can-do optimism, that isn’t what he often conveys. He had a similar problem of tone during his 2012 re-election campaign, as he struggled to frame the message of an improving economy.

If only there were some kind of helpful media outlet where the President could turn!

Hunt’s column however might serve as a preview of the sackcloth and ashes we’ll have to endure from the left leading up to and following the November election.