Stickin' IT to the Man

I love love love love love this story:

It was without a doubt a big moment for Pat Gelsinger: in the mid-2000s, while he still a senior executive with Intel, his firm won had won the business to put its chips inside Apple’s MacBook Pros. Around that time, he sat in a meeting with the late Steve Jobs to talk about the possibilities.

“We said something like, ‘Steve, we’re going to work with you to make Apple’s computers better for enterprise customers,’” Gelsinger, now CEO of VMware, recalled during a visit to Toronto on Wednesday. “Steve just sort of looked at us and said, ‘Why would I do anything to help the orifice that is the CIO? I’m going to make something so compelling for consumers that CIOs will just have to figure out how to deal with it.’”


That’s exactly what Apple did, too — and not just with MacBooks, but with iPhones and iPads, too. It’s sweet revenge for all those craptaculent Dell Optiplex machines unfortunate office workers were saddled with for so many years.


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