Fill it to the RIM -- With Fail

BlackBerry might not have made a dent with its new phones and mobile OS last year, but lovers of their older phones kept the company afloat. Until now:

The manufacturer’s financial health has actually been propped up this whole time by sales of its older classics, Bolds and Curves running on BB7. It’s pretty incredible how long those models have lasted, but BlackBerry’s latest earnings report reminds us that nothing lasts forever: BB7 sales have fallen 50 percent year-over-year to 2.3 million units, which is double BlackBerry 10 sales but not nearly enough to help the company stay in profit.


BlackBerry was smart — if late — in outsourcing their manufacturing. But at some point the company has got to come up with a new salable product.

And that time is 2008.


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