Did Newsweek Blow the Bitcoin Story?

It sure looks that way from this LA Times report by Michael Hiltzik:

The unemployed computer engineer, whose full name is Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto, says he’s not the “Satoshi Nakamoto” who wrote the seminal paper outlining a complex form of electronic cash several years ago. That Nakamoto has been widely assumed to be a pseudonym for person or persons unknown; it appears he, she, or they still are unknown.

Dorian Nakamoto says in his statement that he has never “worked on cryptography, peer-to-peer systems, or alternative currencies.” He says he hasn’t been employed steadily for 10 years but has been forced to find work as a laborer, poll taker and substitute teacher while battling severe health problems and living in a working-class neighborhood with his 93-year-old mother. The real Satoshi Nakamoto is thought to own a hoard of bitcoins worth as much as hundreds of millions of dollars.


In all fairness, it’s been a long time since we expected good reporting from Newsweek.


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