Your ♡bamaCare!!! Fail of the Day [PM Edition]

Scathing report on the launch of the Massachusetts exchange last fall:

• There was never any actual performance testing of the website before it went live Oct. 1 — a failure that “should have been enough to delay its launch,” said Joshua Archambault of the Pioneer Institute. “Yet the state moved forward anyway, and we have witnessed the anxiety and pain these problems have caused”;

• There was no accountability for staffers for failing to perform;

• The project wasn’t properly coordinated. “People that were supposed to be talking to each other weren’t,” said Bill Curtis, the chief scientist at CAST Software; and

• Even early on in the project, MITRE analysts found, the site was displaying the same glitches that would later plague applicants when they tried navigating.


Obviously the fiendishly clever Koch Brothers are to blame.


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