How May We Be of Service, Comrade?

It should touch your heart, each and every time a noble lefty comes to the defense of the powerless. So grab yourself a hanky or three and read Al Hunt’s stirring defense of the little guys at the IRS:


Many Republicans hate the IRS. Its budget has been cut for four consecutive years, while its responsibilities have increased. It has a major role in the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, and it is embroiled in a controversy over the tax-exempt status of political groups.

In less than three months on the IRS job, Koskinen already has bolstered morale at the agency as well as its standing on Capitol Hill. He’s more than halfway through a tour of the 25 largest IRS offices in the U.S.

“After four years of what we’ve been through, there is an amazing amount of energy and commitment,” he says. “One common theme is we don’t have enough people to provide services to taxpayers.”

Most days I feel so well serviced by the IRS I’m afraid to sit down.


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