"My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy... "


Found a knee-slapping satirical interview from Thomas Frank with Adolph Reed at Salon. Frank’s questions are in bold:

Maybe the whole project of economic restructuring should be called into question.

And the funny thing about it when you think about it, Tom, is that if you’re concerned with the conditions of black Americans, most black people are working people. One might say even disproportionately. And what improves the condition of the working class is going to improve the condition of more black people than the disparity focus would. That’s not to say it’s either/or. But the fact is we’ve largely dropped the one in favor of the other. You can see the same thing in the women’s movement. I made this point in the article. It wasn’t that long ago when the political agenda of the women’s movement included stuff like comparable worth and universal child and elder care. And right now, attention to that stuff is shriveled. The defense of reproductive rights is a constant, of course. But the political-economic program that gets touted by the women’s movement is directed toward the glass ceiling and the first woman president. Stuff like that.

I was thinking of Sheryl Sandberg.

Right. She is the Alexandra Kollontai of our moment.


Or the Clara Zetkin. The radical Bolshevik theorist who was also a feminist. I guess I should say that Sandberg is the Alexandra Kollontai of the bourgeoisie at this point.


This isn’t satire, you say? That’s right. This is just how members of the Reality Based Community talk amongst themselves.


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