At Least He Was Never President Kerry

This ought to show them:

“In the hearts of Ukrainians and in the eyes of the world, there is nothing strong about what Russia is doing,” [US Secretary of State John] Kerry said of the Kremlin dispatch of armed forces to Crimea last week and its standing threat to do so in other Russian-populated regions of Ukraine.

“It is diplomacy and respect for sovereignty and not unilateral force that can best solve disputes like this in the 21st century,” Kerry said, conceding that the Kremlin has legitimate interests to protect in independent Ukraine but that its military deployment has in no way secured them.


When the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, Jimmy Carter responded increasing defense spending. Professor Wiggleroom sent John Kerry overseas to tell the Russians they’re, like, so immature.

More seriously, Kerry’s statement is seriously unserious — he’s either picked up on his boss’s habit of impotent finger-wagging, or comes by it naturally. I suspect it’s the latter and also a symptom of modern progressivism in practice.

It’s impossible to know what Putin’s next move might be, but after a cooling off period he’d be almost foolish not to try something even bolder.


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