Your ♡bamaCare!!! Fail of the Day [Third Edition]

Another day, another delayed mandate:

The employer mandate had already been delayed for one year, but the Treasury Department announced Monday afternoon that the final rule for implementation provides a further phase-in for smaller employers.

“While the employer responsibility provisions will generally apply starting in 2015, they will not apply until 2016 to employers with at least 50 but fewer than 100 full-time employees if the employer provides an appropriate certification described in the rules,” the Treasury Department wrote in a fact sheet announcing the final rules.

The regulations also would blunt the effect of the penalty in 2015, requiring employers to offer insurance coverage to just 70 percent of full-time workers.


The legal authority for these changes exists… somewhere, I’m sure.



All I can hear now is Inigo Montoya saying, “Mandate? You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

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