Charlie Sheen Calls it Winning


Actually it’s Stacy Kaper in this case, saying Professor Ditherton Wiggleroom is winning on Iran:

The push for new sanctions on Iran has stalled. The Democrats who bucked President Obama to back the sanctions bill are backpedaling mightily—no longer even pretending they’re pushing Harry Reid to hold a vote on the measure. And while there’s still plenty of chest-pounding and posturing, the debate’s end result seems clear: The Senate will wait, at least so long as the negotiations move in the right direction.

That’s a full flip from just more than a month ago. Before the December recess, the Senate’s pro-sanctions faction was surging. Senators—including Democrats who are typically Obama loyalists—were agreeing with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s claim that the nuclear negotiations with Iran bordered on capitulation.

So how did Obama—a supposedly feckless president when it comes to handling Congress—turn the tide?


I want you please to take note of the premise of this article. The Professor isn’t getting his way with Iran, it’s that he might be getting his way with Congress over Iran. Kaper isn’t writing about the strength of our foreign policy, but rather how the White House measures up to Congress — with the safety of this country and its allies not even an afterthought.

This is frankly an imperial view of the presidency, and unwittingly describes much of what is wrong with Washington in foreign and domestic policy.


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