Legoland in Your Browser

A small moon.

A small moon.

This might be the best thing to happen to the internet ever:

What’s better than plopping onto the floor alongside a pile of mixed up LEGO pieces, ready to let your imagination roam free? The promise that you won’t step on a renegade LEGO brick. A promise that comes only with the worldwide launch of Google’s Build with Chrome experiment.

First launched in Australia and New Zealand over the summer, the feature has now rolled out to the rest of the globe, allowing anyone to build and publish their LEGO creations on the Web.

“We think the creative freedom of LEGO bricks shouldn’t be limited to plastic bins,” Adrian Soghoian, Google product marketing manager, wrote in a blog post.

Safari 6 was so bad handling the number of windows and tabs I keep open at all times that I started to call it Spinning Beachball City. So I switched to Chrome. Chrome is ugly, it’s not as fast — but at least it didn’t choke to death on my browser requirements. Safari 7 is so rock solid I haven’t launched Chrome in months, except for a few times when I just had to have Flash access. (I won’t have Flash on my computers, but Chrome has it built in for when it’s a must.)

But this? This has me thinking I’ll be launching Chrome much more often.