Hickenlooper Lies

Colorado has a problem. We’ve come to think we’re California. And Governor Hickenlooper got caught telling a whopper during his state of the state address about how Colorado supposedly jumped to #4 in the nation in job creation last year:


We know Hickenlooper wants to distract Coloradans from what he really accomplished in 2013 (only one of the most liberal legislative sessions in Colorado history), but this is just ridiculous. Here, he is just straight-up lying.

We here at The Peak have looked high and low to find this “fourth in 2013” that Hickenlooper speaks of, but the best we can find is that Colorado was 4th in job growth in 2012. Had Hickenlooper and the Democrats focused on just maintaining the job growth rate we had in 2012, we would have risen to 2nd in 2013. Instead Hickenlooper decided to focus on enabling one of the most partisan, destructive legislative sessions in 2013. Job growth in Colorado suffered for it, dropping to 10th in 2013.

If Texas had mountains I’d be there already.

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