Your ♡bamaCare!!! Fail of the Day [PM Edition]

The donkey in the living room. The donkey in the living room.

David Nather:

This time, President Barack Obama is going to have to actually talk about Obamacare in his State of the Union address.

No more touch-the-base-and-keep-running treatments, the way he’s handled it the past couple of years. This time, he’ll be expected to linger on base a bit, at least long enough to acknowledge the launch of the biggest domestic achievement of his presidency — and do it in the least awkward way possible.

That’s the consensus of Democratic strategists, health care experts, pollsters and crisis-management experts, all of whom will have reasons to listen closely when Obama brings up the health care law on Jan. 28. It will be Obama’s most high-profile address since the clunky rollout began, and although it has come a long way since the worst days of October, it’s still not enough for him to say, “Nailed it.”

I have a question for Mr. Nather -- how long a way has ♡bamaCare!!! come since October? I mean, really? The website works better, sure. But the website is not ♡bamaCare!!!. ♡bamaCare!!! was about the fierce moral urgency of insuring 47 million Americans who needed insurance, who wanted insurance, but because America was all evil up until March 23, 2010, they just couldn't get the insurance they needed and wanted.

Only to date, fewer Americans are insured than there were before was rolled out.

Is that a long way?

In California, three times as many have lost insurance as have gained it.

Is that a long way?

Patients are still losing their doctors.

Is that a long way?

Doctors are refusing to care for ♡bamaCare!!! patients.

Is that a long way?

The young people required to make the exchanges work still don't seem to care.

Is that a long way?

Will it be a long way when people discover that their subsidies don't cover their higher deductibles? Will it be a long way if the insurers need bailouts? Will it be a long way when the deficit explodes?

Tell me, David. I'm listening.