"A Record Year For Killing Christians"

Ralph Peters has reported on the ethnic cleansing of Christians (and the few remaining Jews) from the Muslim Middle East, but it’s a story which has gone largely untold. Here’s StrategyPage’s take:

In 2013 over 2,100 Christians were killed for their beliefs. While most of the deaths were due to Islamic terrorists, at least ten percent were committed by non-Moslems. The biggest offender here was North Korea, where the militantly atheist government considers possession of a bible a major crime and has over 50,000 local Christians in prison camps. The death rate in those camps is high and North Korean Christians who have fled the country report many fellow Christians simply disappearing. But the biggest killer remains radical Moslems. While 1,200 Christians were murdered for their beliefs in 2012, the number jumped 75 percent mainly because of the civil war in Syria, where Christians are ten percent of the population and have long supported the Assad dictatorship because the Assads are also a minority (Shia Moslems who are 15 percent of Syrians) and many of the Sunni rebels are Islamic radicals who feel a religious obligation to kill Christians who will not convert to Islam. In 2013 some 1,200 Christians were killed in Syria. Nigeria, where half the population is Christian, there were 612 dead at the hands of Islamic terrorists deliberately going after Christians. In Pakistan 88 Christians were killed, while 83 were murdered in Egypt and so on. Nearly a third of the world population is Christian and at least 100 million of them are constantly threatened by anti-Christian militants.

Those aren’t huge numbers, but you can bet if 2,100 Muslims had died in the West for their beliefs, it would be reported as an unending series of indictments of Western Civilization.