Blue State Blues

Although if things in Michigan get any worse for Obama and the Democrats, we’re not going to be able to call it a Blue State much longer. Look at these poll numbers, which become stark as all get-out when put all into one graph.



Yes, A Lot Can Happen Between Now and Election Day™ and all that, but this is a stunning reversal. It seems as though it might just be possible for the Democrats to govern themselves out of existence, provided you’re willing to give them several decades and entire industries and a major metropolitan area to loot to death first.

More details from Tom D, and the last bit will floor you:

Land is up eight points over Peters; also when asked specifically about the gubernatorial race between Rick Snyder, the Republican, and Mark Schauer, the Democrat, the margin was plus 12% favoring Snyder. Notable as well in the AG race, the Republican was plus 9% over the Democrat. 8, 12 and 9 percent are healthy margins, even this early in the cycle and tend to belie the tighter R vs. D generic results.

On the question of approving or disapproving of Barack Obama’s job as president the results were a staggering minus 20% (35% approving, 55% disapproving, 10% not sure); and the ACA results were almost identical with 33% favorable and 55% unfavorable.

Obviously Michigan voters have just discovered that Professor Ditherton Wiggleroom is black.


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