"Epic Fail by the TSA"

A longtime reader sent this in, and while they’d like to remain anonymous, I’d like to share it:

Went out West for Thanksgiving to visit the wife’s family. My In-Laws flew out too. Just a reminder: he is 88, and pretty robust. She is 86 and very demented. She is mostly confined to a wheelchair, and has full-time, around-the-clock care. It takes 2-3 people to get her to and from the restroom, into and out of a car, etc. You get the point.

They flew back home yesterday. While going through security before boarding their flight, apparently my mother-in-law’s make-up triggered something with TSA. One of their sensors got triggered. Sooo … they pulled her out of line, wheelchair and all, took her to a back room, and proceeded to waste almost an hour performing a full search of her, her wheelchair, purse, etc.

My father-in-law is still pissed beyond measure. He feels violated to his core, given how protective he is of my mother-in-law. Words can’t describe how upset he is. My wife vacillates between shear horror and absolute hysterics. The ineptitude and complete lack of grace demonstrated by TSA has her totally flummoxed.

On the one hand, I just shrug my shoulders and say “told you so.” On the other, I so totally share my father-in-law’s upset. It really is incomprehensible how we’ve allowed this system to persist.


The real crime here is that these stories no longer shock us, do they?


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