Your ObamaCare Fail of the Day


While the federal enrollment website appears to be improving by the day, polls show the “young invincibles” key to making the law work are becoming less likely to enroll.

Younger people were skeptical of the healthcare reform law even before its troubled rollout, despite their support for President Obama.

But polling indicates the problems facing — a site the administration initially touted as a hip, tech-friendly experience — have reinforced their doubts about the need to have health insurance at all.
“The trend is daunting for the White House but not necessarily surprising,” said Pew Research Center Director Michael Dimock.

“Younger folks are part of Obama’s base … but the rollout confirmed concerns that were already in their minds.”

A poll released Wednesday by Harvard University’s Institute of Politics found that more than half of 18- to 29-year-olds disapprove of ObamaCare and believe it will raise their healthcare costs.

I realize this wasn’t exactly a tough call, but who’s been telling you for ages that young people simply wouldn’t buy something they don’t need or want and can’t afford at a website which doesn’t work?

That’s right — your friendly neighborhood VodkaPundit.

The collectivists can run all the “brosurance” ads they want, but they’ll never make insurance cool.