If It's So Good Then Why Are Democrats Looking So Vulnerable?


OK then. Let’s skip the personal stories — even if the President is so fond of them — and look at the big picture.

• 5.5 million cancellation notices.

• Tens of millions more to come.

• Shrinking hospital staffs.

• Doctor shortage increasing.

• The norming of the 29-hour workweek.

• Higher premiums.

• Higher deductibles.

• Higher copays.

• Reduced service selection.

• Arbitrary and illegal execution of the law.

It seems almost unfair at this point to mention that increasing likelihood of a premium “death spiral” in the individual market, where those receiving cancellation notices are being sent. Or the resulting exploding deficits.

Ana Marie Cox might not care for some of the people fighting against this law, but that hardly makes it a good or effective law.