Are They Still Sea-Launched If They Never Make it to Sea Or Get Launched?

Russia still has problems with the Bulava SLBM:

The latest Russian SLBM (Sea Launched Ballistic Missile) design, the Bulava (also known as R-30 3M30 and SS-NX-30), was almost cancelled because test flights kept failing. But the government believes there is no better option than to keep trying to make Bulava work. It was recently revealed that the September 6th Bulava test launch failed because one of the engine nozzles was incorrectly manufactured. The nozzles have been replaced in the three remaining Bulava’s from that batch. The investigation into the September 6th failure concluded that the Bulava design was sound but that there continued to be problems with manufacturing components and that current quality control measures are not catching the flaws. So five more test launches are scheduled for 2014, and as many more as needed after that.

This is a step back because the Bulava was declared to have successfully completed its test program on December 23rd, 2011.

You know Putin is fuming.