Presidenting Is Hard


The words, they fail:

In Friday’s interview, Obama said he was looking for answers soon on why the rollout failed so spectacularly.

“Obviously my most recent concern has been that my website’s not working,” Obama said. “We’re evaluating why it is exactly that I didn’t know soon enough that it wasn’t going to work the way it needed to. But my priority now has been to just make sure that it works.”

On second thought, maybe I do have a few. For the first of them, let’s go to Article II, Section 2 of that living document Professor Wiggleroom keeps swearing to uphold and defend:

he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed

The “he” there refers to the President, Professor Ditherton Wiggleroom.

Now, ObamaCare might be a craptaculent law. It might have been passed in a questionable manner. It might be of dubious structure. (I might have had cocktails last night.)

But it is the settled law of the land and whatnot. So did it never occur to the Chief Executive of that law, the guy charged with faithfully executing it, that maybe he should poke his head in Kathleen Sebelius’s door and ask, “Hey, just checking in. Wanted to see if my law is being faithfully executed, especially the part with the website where people have to buy the insurance we’re requiring them to buy. So if you could look into that for me this weekend, that would would be great, yeah.”

We were hoping at least for President Bill Lumbergh — he might be a pompous ass, but at least he gets his people to do things. We didn’t even get Milton Waddams, who could at least be trusted to keep track of the staplers. (Although in all fairness, maybe that’s Biden’s job.)


Based on what Wiggleroom told Barbara Walters on Friday night — and incidentally, Baba is known for the kind of hard-hitting interviews one must endure when one is attempting to rebuild one’s trust with the public — I see three possibilities:

1) Sebelius lied repeatedly to her boss, or passed on lies to her boss, and no longer can be trusted to perform her duties.

2) Wiggleroom is lying his muscular buttocks off right now, as coolly and repeatedly as he promised you, period, that you could keep your plan and your doctor.

3) He just doesn’t give a damn. Not then, not now.

I don’t suppose 1) and 3), or 2) and 3), are mutually exclusive. In fact, you could tack 3) on to the ends of a lot of lists concerning our Dear Leader, and it would go a long way towards explaining a lot of things.

Let’s finish with this next bit from the CNN writeup:

The glitches aside, Obama remained confident the Affordable Care Act, passed along party lines in 2010, would form a large part of his presidential legacy.

I don’t doubt that, not one little bit.