The Science Is Unsettled

Tom Maguire’s one weird trick to get me to buy a bunch of pills from Amazon right away.

Seriously, I did.

The stuff is called glutathione, and it helps your body break down alcohol. The problem is, as we get older we produce less of the stuff, or maybe it’s that we regenerate it more slowly. Honestly, I din’t read all of the science-y bits. What I do know is that as I’ve entered my mid-40s — or as I prefer to call it, “Stupid Middle Age” — I’m noticeably more susceptible to mild headaches after drinking. What the glutathione supplements are supposed to do, is restore some of that youthful ability to recuperate with fewer or lessened side effects.

So, yeah, I couldn’t order a bottle of those fast enough.

I’m not looking to increase my ability to drink. Firstly, I enjoy what I’m already enjoying. Secondly, I am still only a mortal man, and there’s not much more any non-Kryptonian liver can handle at any age.

Will report the results back to you later, but I’m betting that some of what I spend on glutathione I’ll make up for what I stop spending on ibuprofen.