Your ObamaCare Fail of the Day


Would you want to?


The chairman’s first request to Park was on Oct. 21. The White House took more than a week to respond to Issa’s inquiry, finally telling him Park was too busy. Then Issa asked Park to come to this Wednesday’s hearing. The White House again said Park was too busy. Other administration officials agreed to testify, but not Park.

So on Friday afternoon, Issa sent another letter to Park, this one attached to a subpoena. Noting that Park has found time to, among other activities, speak to the New York Times, Issa wrote, “You are the only invited witness who remains unwilling to appear voluntarily … I am left with no choice but to compel your appearance.”

That will presumably motivate Park to testify. But not without more protests. Because over the weekend, some of Park’s associates started a new website,, in an apparent effort to build public support for Park’s silence.


Schadenfreude covered in comedy wrapped in pathos.


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