Just Because It's a Joke Doesn't Mean It's Funny


The joke’s on… everyone, I guess:

Israel’s Minister of Intelligence, Yuval Steinitz, called a new proposal for a deal on Iran’s nuclear program a “joke,” according to the Jerusalem Post on Wednesday. The terms of the deal, reported by the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday evening, include lifting sanctions on Iran in return for ceasing uranium enrichment at 20%, closing a hidden enrichment facility near Qom, and allowing more aggressive international inspections.

“Closing the Qom facility means Iran will be able to produce five instead of six nuclear bomb[s] in the first year, and giving up enrichment at 20% is less meaningful now that Iran has 20,000 centrifuges,” Steinitz said, according to the Post.

Five instead of six? Considering that Israel is a “one-bomb country,” five ought to be more than enough.

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