It's Too Early for This Much Stupid

I hope Salon’s Stephan Richter is kidding us with this drivel:

As the current logjam in the U.S. Congress makes plain, the Civil War is still very present in today’s America – and with virulence that most other civilized nations find as breathtaking as it is irresponsible.

There are plenty of U.S. commentators now who try to make light of the current situation in their country. They argue that it is just a bunch of crazy Tea Party Republicans that are causing the current mayhem. Such an interpretation underestimates the forces of history and the continuing deep divisions of American society.

The reason why the Civil War was declared finished, according to the history books, is the military defeat of the South and its secessionist forces. But can anyone seriously doubt that the same anti-Union spirit is still to be heard loud and clear in the halls of the U.S. Congress today?


Because the House doing what it was elected to do in a democratic fashion is just exactly like the Confederacy opening fire on Fort Sumter after South Carolina and ten other states left the Union.


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