Eu du Desperation

This is sad:

Microsoft reportedly is in talks with HTC about adding the Windows Phone mobile operating system to its Android based smartphones.

Bloomberg reported on Friday that Microsoft’s head of operating systems Terry Myerson has asked the Taiwanese phone maker to load Windows Phone onto its Android powered handsets, at little or no cost at all. This is an attempt to drag HTC back into the Windows Phone ecosystem, Bloomberg’s sources claim, with the firm seemingly having dropped Microsoft’s mobile operating system following disappointing sales of the HTC 8X and HTC 8S handsets.


HTC used to be a big deal, but Samsung pretty much killed them off. So practically giving away your software to them to drive marketshare is like trying to get your kid to sell your day-old bread at her lemonade stand — there are too few customers and none of them want what you’re selling.

If Microsoft is really going to turn itself into a service-and-devices company, it has got to really commit to the devices half of the business and stop pulling desperate stunts like this one.


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