Vile Progs Gotta Vile

Nile Gardiner:

The harsh invective flowing from Washington’s liberal establishment has been nasty, juvenile and petty. This should be a moment for humility for the White House over its hugely unpopular Obamacare reforms, which are opposed by a significant majority of the American people. Ironically President Obama turns the other cheek on the world stage when it comes to challenges to US global power, and has made the appeasement of America’s enemies and strategic competitors into a form of art. But he acts in a truly imperial fashion at home, refusing to listen to the slightest hint of criticism domestically. This is a president who happily apologises for his country’s past when he travels abroad, in thoroughly humiliating fashion for the United States, but cannot bring himself to acknowledge that his own policies might be wrong.


Honestly, Nile, they aren’t much better when things are going their way, either.

Any teensy imperfection anywhere in the universe is perceived as a personal slight by your friendly (not really) neighborhood (they wouldn’t be caught dead in your neighborhood) progressive (statist). Because they’re caring like that. Imagine an over-caffeinated Felix Unger in a locked room full of dust bunnies without a vacuum cleaner and you’ll understand the progressive mindset.


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