Hey, Joe -- Where You Going With that Gun in Your Hand?

Georgia is going to bring back a statue of Stalin to his hometown of Gori, along with some great big celebrations for the great big Commie murderer:

Local officials this summer won approval from a Tbilisi court to resurrect the bronze ode to the man of steel, after petitioning Georgia’s new government, which favors healing ruptured ties with Russia. The decision will see the statue restored on the grounds of Gori’s Stalin Museum in time for his birthday on Dec. 21. The move has rekindled a decadeslong debate about the legacy of a man whose name has become synonymous with institutionalized brutality and oppression.

Many people are horrified in Georgia, a former Soviet state turned U.S. ally that boasts one of the world’s only avenues named after George W. Bush. President Mikhail Saakashvili said the decision was “an unimaginably barbaric anti-Georgian, anti-national, anti-state act,” that would place Georgia “in international isolation.” But the former dictator’s resurrection has been welcomed by many other Georgians and cheered in his hometown, where the Stalinist cult of personality remains intact.


Vlad Putin smiles at those who know which one is the strong horse.


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