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It's a Feature, I Swear

IBD on ObamaCare:

• Family premiums haven't gone down by $2,500 annually, as Obama repeatedly said they would. They've gone up $2,976.

• Workers are increasingly finding that they can't keep the health plans they like, despite Obama's pledge that they can.

• ObamaCare is adding to federal budget deficits, as IBD recently reported, even though Obama claimed it would cut red ink.

• The law is hurting small businesses, not helping them.

Yet Professor Ditherton Wiggleroom insists that the only reason people don't like his signature legislation is because Republicans have spent "billions of dollars ... misinforming people."

Or it could be that people have noticed their shrinking paychecks, their shortened work hours, their lowered expectations, all those thousands of health services layoffs, the shockingly rampant cronyism, and all the rest, and concluded that ObamaCare is a bad law which has made just about everything worse.

Nah. It's the Republicans.