The Wishful Thinking Doctrine


Iran’s President Hasan Rouhani says his country will accept anyone as ruler of Syria who is elected by the Syrian people, the official news agency reported Monday.

His remarks carried by IRNA do not signal any change of policy on Syria but mark a shift of emphasis from comments by other Iranian leaders, which have often emphasized Iran’s support for its ally, Syrian President Bashar Assad, and blamed the West and Israel for the rebellion against him.

“Whoever Syrian citizens vote for to rule their country, we’ll agree with it,” Rouhani was quoted as telling commanders of the powerful Revolutionary Guard.


Awwwww, isn’t that nice? I bet he’s also in favor of puppy dogs adorable kittens and bacon chocolate pudding.

More seriously, this is one of those feel-good statements which means nothing at all. There’s a civil war going on in Syria, making an election about as likely as an outdoor ladies luncheon during a hurricane. And if the weekend reports are correct, then Assad is cemented in power for at least as long as it takes for Moscow and Washington to pretend to find every single one of his chemical weapons. That could take a while.

(Cough, check in Iraq, cough.)

Doesn’t that last bit make it sound like we’ve been on the short end of a 12-year-long game of keepaway?

Gosh, it sure would be nice if we still had a strong presence in Iraq right now, wouldn’t it?


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