iPhone Wrap

Couple of surprises in today’s iPhone event, but not in the “one more thing” way.

The iPhone 5C was expected to be a big deal for it’s low(er) unsubsidized price, which is important for markets like China, where Apple is making a big push. But if anyone even mentioned the subsidized price, I missed it. Perhaps that message will be tailored to specific markets. Here, the 16GB version will go with contract for $99, and 32GB for $199. The junior SKU might be just about the best deal in the American market for anyone looking for real quality without spending a whole lot of money.


The other surprise is that Apple is keeping the 4S around for another year as the freebie model. To me, it would make more sense to get the entire lineup on the 4″ screen and eliminate a headache for developers, while pushing the market forward. Then again, the iPad mini uses the same A5 CPU, so maybe there’s an economy of scale there Apple still wants to take advantage of.

The only surprise about the 5S is just how far out it takes Apple in front of the competition. A 64-bit A7 CPU with 10 hours of LTE browsing time and an equal amount of talk time, both in a package light and slender enough for your pocket? Fuggibaudit. Best-in-class iLife apps, which simply don’t exist for Android, included for free? Double fuggiboudit. And a new camera which can shoot 10 frames per second in a burst mode? You’ve got to spend thousand on a Nikon D4 to shoot that fast. Yes, the Nikon will do it continuously, but still — there’s nothing else like the 5S on the market.


And iMovie and iPhoto are going to be absolutely amazing when the full-size iPad gets the 64-bit, A7X treatment.

My Amex is getting fidgety, waiting for the September 20 preorder date.


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