They Like Us! They Don't Really Like Us!

George Jonas:

To look at his words and policies in the kindest possible light, Mr. Obama wants America to be liked rather than feared. The trouble is, given his country’s current place in the scheme of things, he can only make gains in his second quest, without coming a step closer to the first. Changing his country’s image from “Big Satan the omnipotent” to “Big Satan the impotent” is readily available to him, but it’s hardly in the national interest.


Ah, but America is liked better by the right kind of Americans, and that’s really all that counts.

Totally off-topic, but look for extra typos today. I have what looks to me like a tear on the surface of my right eye (what’s that called again?), so I’ve put a patch over my right eye to keep it closed and protected until I can get in to see the eye doctor later today.

Meanwhile, the joke I’ve made for a quarter century now turns out to be true. “It’s all fun and games until somebody loses an eye. And then it’s fun and games without depth perception.”


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