Ripe for the Picking

Also ewwwww, given the context:

Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana has so consistently voted for President Barack Obama’s legislative agenda it appears like she should consider a name change to Senator Mary Landrobama (lan-DRO-bamah).

In her last two campaigns she enjoyed an average 2.5 to 1 advantage in fund-raising over her opponents yet garnered only 52% of the vote in 2002 and 2008. In the current cycle, as of June 30, 2013 Landrieu had $4,864,325 in the bank.

Consider her most likely opponent in 2014, Rep. Bill Cassidy (LA06) already had $3,229,230 on hand even though he started raising funds for his Senate race later than his incumbent opponent.

That Cassidy was reelected in 2014 with 74% of the vote (granted that House and Senate races are not the same but the number is telling nonetheless), that Landrieu’s current favorability number is well below 50%, and that of those likely voters expressing a clear preference for either candidate Cassidy is already ahead, it is apparent a fourth term for the Senator is in serious jeopardy.

Read the whole thing, but I’m starting to think it’s nearly time to start shaking the money tree for Cassidy.