The Return of ManBearPig

Jeff Jarvis, writing to President Obama for The Guardian:

Is this really the legacy you want for yourself: the chief executive who trampled rights, destroyed privacy, heightened secrecy, ruined trust, and worst of all, did not defend but instead detoured around so many of the fundamental principles on which this country is founded?

And I voted for you. I’ll confess you were a second choice. I supported Hillary Clinton first. I said at the time that your rhetoric about change was empty and that I feared you would be another Jimmy Carter: aggressively ineffectual.

Never did I imagine that you would instead become another Richard Nixon: imperial, secretive, vindictive, untrustworthy, inexplicable.

Jeff’s a very smart guy, but what took him so long? The first time I compared Obama to both Carter and Nixon was just six weeks into his first term. I even had Stacy Tabb put together this photoshop of the “Nixon-Carter-Mao.”


Good times, good times — where’ve ya been, Jeff?