Update from Northern Somalia

Er, I mean an update from Egypt:

CBS News’ Alex Ortiz said police and army personnel had blocked every road into the area around the Rabaah camp, and pro-Morsi demonstrators clashed with police outside the cordoned-off area. He said huge plumes of black smoke poured from the camp and the sound of automatic gunfire was relentless.

Sam Kiley, a veteran war correspondent for CBS News partner network Sky News, reported from the Rabaah camp that “live fire seems to be principle method being used to clear the area,” adding that he had seen many dead, but that death tolls being reported were unlikely reliable because the “numbers are escalating constantly.”

Police later dismantled the main stage of the larger camp near the Rabaah al-Adawiya Mosque in the eastern Cairo district of Nasr City, the official MENA news agency said. An AP reporter saw hundreds of protesters leaving the sit-in site carrying their personal belongings.

Smoke clogged the sky above Cairo and fires smoldered on the streets, which were lined with charred poles and tarps after several tents were burned.

It’s ugly.


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