Mini Review: The Wolverine

Wolverine and FriendThe first two-thirds contained some fairly decent adult drama, as Logan continues to deal with having had to kill the woman he loved in order to save the world. Because she’d turned all evil and stuff. It also featured Logan having lots of nightmares, consisting of Famke Janssen lounging around his bed wearing a barely-there negligee. Décolletage, anyone? More seriously, it’s a big dramatic flaw when the hero’s burden is to be visited every night by Famke in her unmentionables. If that were my curse, I’m not sure I’d want the cure.

The last third of the film is a overlong and confusing mess, even by the standards of comic book movie final battle sequences. One of the mostly bad guys switched sides at least twice, without any sort of explanation either time. And Svetlana Khodchenkova’s performance as Viper was almost so-bad-it’s-good, but not quite.

I took my seven-year-old son to see it, having forgotten that it seems to be in Hugh Jackman’s contract that he gets to drop one f-bomb per Wolverine movie. Nothing Pres hadn’t heard once or thrice before, but still. It was also the only time I’ve taken Pres to see a superhero movie where he didn’t recount every favorite moment during the drive home. He was pretty “meh” about the movie, and that’s by the standards of seven-year-old-boys and superhero movies.

The only thing I can really recommend would be the brief scenes with Famke. I’d also have to add that it’s not true that at 48 she’s aging better than most people. She’s aging better than most vampires.