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Thought for the Day

If you ever get caught sending out pictures of your penis, don't try to deny it. Don't hem, don't haw, just own up to it. Because there's nothing sillier than saying, "That's not my penis!" when it really is your penis. Unless it's to say, "I can neither confirm nor deny that that is my penis." Because, what, you're unsure of what it might look like?

This is what gets me about Anthony Weiner. I don't really care how he gets his jollies, although there's a definite Creep Factor of a guy his age going after college sophomores. Women everywhere should punch him in the junk just for that.

But when pictures of your stuff are out on the internet, and you're the one who took and sent them, then you've got to man up and own that situation -- don't be any more ridiculous than you already are.

Weiner may have a penis, but he's no man.