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George Will:

The PPACA remains unpopular, and there are congressional elections in years divisible by two — not even the Obama administration can ignore that constitutional fact — so last Tuesday, the administration said this about the act’s mandate that in 2014, large employers provide expensive health-care coverage for their workers or pay a substantial penalty: Never mind.

Although the Constitution has no Article VIII, the administration acts as though there is one that reads: “Notwithstanding all that stuff in other articles about how laws are made, if a president finds a law politically inconvenient, he can simply post on the White House Web site a notice saying: Never mind.”

Never mind that the law stipulates 2014 as the year when employers with 50 full-time workers are mandated to offer them health-care coverage or pay fines. Instead, 2015 will be the year. Unless Democrats see a presidential election coming.


Will calls it the “never mind” presidency, but plainly understood this is simple lawlessness. On the very same page you’ll see this:

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 5.35.48 AM

How did that get to be a question — should the US follow federal law? If you answer anything but “Yes” to that, you might be qualified to become President.


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