Dems Won't Make Boehner an Issue in '14

The GOP made Nancy Pelosi maybe the issue in 2010 (along with voter anger against ObamaCare) in their successful effort to retake the House that year. But it looks like Democrats won’t be waging a similar campaign with GOP Speaker John Boehner in the crosshairs:


If Boehner were a woman, his predecessor Nancy Pelosi has said, he would be considered “the weakest speaker in history.”

So as the two political parties gear up for the 2014 midterms, it would seem natural in today’s polarized environment that Democrats are eager to make Boehner a household word — and not in a good way. But interviews with several liberal strategists suggest that Democrats aren’t planning to demonize Boehner — or even to campaign against him at all.

Maybe that’s because Boehner isn’t a woman, and is therefore more difficult to demonize in our male-dominated patriarchy. (Cough, cough.) Or maybe it’s just because most voters would ask, “Speaker who?”


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