Only Marco Rubio Can Save Marco Rubio

Kurt Schlichter:

Run away, Marco, run as fast as you can. Run away from the electoral Hiroshima that is this immigration reform bill. It’s a fraud and a scam, and we know it’s a fraud and a scam, and you telling us from every mic and every camera you can get in front of that it’s not a fraud and a scam is making us wonder just what the hell is going on with you.

Do you actually think it’s not a fraud and a scam? In that case, we worry that maybe you’re not as bright as we thought from your terrific work on other issues over the last few years.

That’s bad.

I've never seen a politician self-immolate so thoroughly and so quickly over policy. They usually need a live boy or a dead girl or a freezer full of money to get the job done.

It's a little heartbreaking, too. At the RNC last summer, Rubio was the closest thing to Reagan I'd seen in a generation. And he's determined to throw it all away on a terrible piece of immigration "reform."