Is Anybody Happy with Windows RT?

Another bigtime tech CEO is trashing Windows RT. This time it’s Nvidia’s Jen-Hsun Huang:

“Windows RT is disappointing to us, because we expected to have sold more than we did,” explained Huang. “I think everyone expected to have sold more than they did.” Huang’s comments come shortly after Samsung’s CEO, JK Shin, revealed that “smartphones and tablets based on Microsoft’s Windows operating system aren’t selling very well.”

Despite the disappointment, Huang believes Microsoft can put things right in future. Explaining that there’s a number of devices that could run Windows RT that don’t, Huang said it’s “of some importance for Microsoft to continue to invest in Windows RT,” irrespective of the poor sales. “They always seem to ultimately get it right,” said Huang. “I expect they will because it’s too important not to get it right.”


Historically, Microsoft gets things right in version 3.0. By that time, Apple will be on iOS 9 or so, and Android won’t be far behind.

They were years late getting into mobile, and they needed to get this one right on the very first try. This is big trouble.


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