"Let the Democrats Shoot Themselves in the Foot"

That’s Kurt Schlichter’s advice to the GOP on gun control. He sees an opening:

Fact is that this is a great opportunity for the Republicans to really get to work for the sake of the country. No, not by passing laws – there are too many laws already. The work they can do that will truly help this country during this Congress is handing embarrassing defeats to Barack Obama, making him expend his political capital for nothing, and damaging the electoral prospects of his enablers in the Senate. Liberals are the problem; the GOP needs to solve that.

Yes, gun control legislation is vital for our country, but not substantively, as nothing being proposed would have made the slightest difference in what happened at Newtown. It’s vital because it’s a chance to defeat the liberals in clear and meaningful way.


This ought to be a no-brainer even for John Boehner, if you’ll excuse the silly rhyme. So far, he and the House GOP have played this one just right, telling Harry Reid they’ll be happy to take up whatever he can push through the Senate. That’s fine — so far as it goes. But if this is going to be a winning issue 20 months from now, then the Republicans will have to shift from passive-aggressive to pro-active.


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