Vile Progs Lie, But I Repeat Myself

Yesterday “Carlito” commented on my post about the Federal government’s hiring frenzy:

Typical anti-Obama bullshit.

Duh . . . how many federal employees retired or otherwise left federal employment during the same time period?

You do know that you have to subtract those people from the equation, don’t you?
It’s called third grade math!


You want numbers, Carlito? OK, I have some numbers for you. This chart is rather illuminating.

Wow. And we can’t pin the blame on the military, as vile progs are wont to do, because military employment has been essentially flat since 2009 — and is slated to shrink. Minus the Post Office, which is supposedly a private entity, total federal employment is up almost a quarter million.

Which is just typical Obama bullshit, Carlito.


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