Your Tuesday Morning Dose of Doom & Gloom

Europe: Sinking fast.

I read Zero Hedge because their most outlandish theories usually turn into fact within a year or two. In this case, I’m thinking it will take considerably less time. Read:


Despite the recent deal worked out with Greece, the old cliché about kicking the can down the road is close to becoming no longer possible. Deferring the inevitable is only a political option so long as there is no immediate damage from doing so. But this is no longer true in the Eurozone, where political procrastination is now identifiably responsible for social unrest. It’s not just the trade unionists in revolt; now it is the middle classes as well. Doctors and teachers in Greece do not get paid anymore, and it is going that way in Spain, with regional governments surviving by simply not paying their bills. Government is destroying society, proving the falsity of the heretofore accepted belief (in Europe, anyway) that government makes society better. But then, anyone who has bothered to read Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom will not be surprised.

How did Europe go broke? Two ways. We’re still on the first one — for now.


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