Let Them Eat... Their Own

Sarah Hoyt reminds everybody that, hey, we’re broke! Get used to it:

Think carefully before you vote for free stuff. There is no free stuff. Everything that involves the work, effort or knowledge of others must be paid for. Either out of your own pocket or out of the pocket of others – which in the end makes us all poorer because that money isn’t used for mega-squid farms and colonies on Mars.

Yes, you were promised. Sorry. They lied to you. They can continue to lie, but things will only get worse. You might think you’re saving yourself at the expense of future generations, but unless you’re VERY OLD now, you won’t die before the collapse comes. At the rate we are going, you’ll be around when all the free stuff stops because there IS NO MONEY. Only you’ll be older and less able to cope.

Better to rip off the bandaid now.


Read the whole thing.


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