Rather Wrong

Dan Rather is at it again — trying to steal an election. Well, sort of. He’s trying to delegitimize, in advance, the results of the upcoming one. Here’s a bit from his latest Facebook rant, courtesy of Charlie Spiering:


From Dan: The Presidential race is still tight, volatile. Modest edge for Obama, mostly because he still has a thin advantage in Ohio. Hard to make the case on the basis of current polls and other indications that Romney wins unless he carries Ohio. But mark well: Romney can win. Not to say that he will, just that he remains very much in the game. (1) Current polls and other indicators are subject to shifts (and may even be wrong in present estimates). (2) A few upsets in states here and there and Romney may not absolutely, positively have to win Ohio. (3) Ohio seems still close enough that Romney could upset and win there (keep in mind: the whole upper tier of Ohio state government is in the hands of the GOP now; in very close voting they have the power to influence what votes are counted and how.

In other words, if it all comes down to Ohio, the GOP will cheat. You know, like they did in Florida in 2000 by trying to count all those military ballots Al Gore so wisely tried to get tossed out in court.

Just laying the groundwork. Just in case.

The good news is, Facebook is all Rather has left. It’s a long way down from CBS News, ain’t it, Danny boy?


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