A Quick Thanks to People I Work With

I woke up this morning to discover the breaking story I was going to cover for Trifecta today (we shoot at 11AM) got pushed back until tomorrow. The clips I was going to use? Re-embargoed. The script I’d so carefully crafted? Unusable. The time needed to find another big story and put together a script? Almost unobtainable. Now that Melissa is back at work, I have the boys in the morning and generally can’t sit down at my desk until 9:00.


And the script is due at about 9:30.

Oops. Hey, no problem — I had a second story in mind to go to. Until I noticed the dateline was somewhere in Sweden. My backup had flamed out.

But I’m a highly-trained web-surfing professional, so I threw together a grab bag of smaller stories, all leading up to one big and inescapable conclusion. This meant throwing a lot of links, with several graphics, and two video clips, at the crack PJTV team all at the last minute.

And they came through, especially super-editor Alina and super-producer Matt.

Thanks, guys.


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